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Weather for Free
The Weather for Free service is now closed. We hope you have found the service useful over the last 12 years.

Get Your Own Weather Station

  • The Free Weather server has been relocated. Please replace with in your code that brings up the GIF image. Everything else remains the same. (Nov 6, 2002)

  • The 18 month old design of our Weather for Free weather image received a facelift late May 2002. We hope you enjoy the fresh new look. (May 20, 2002)

  • Click on the Select Code button below, (Ctrl-C) to copy the html code and paste (Ctrl-V) it in your page.
  • Replace the ZZZZZ with the capital city of your choice.

    Choose from:
    Australia: Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney
    Americas: Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and Seattle
    Asia: Beijing, Bangkok, New Delhi, Singapore and Tokyo
    Africa: Cape Town
    Europe: London, Moscow and Rome

  • Upload the page using CuteFTP, WSFTP or any FTP client and that's it!
  • Register to be kept updated (optional but recommended)

Important Notes
  • The animated image below is for display purposes only.
    Your city weather forecast is not animated for fast download.
  • Do not include any spaces in names
    Eg. for Los Angeles, use BSUweather-LosAngeles.gif
  • If you require temperature units in F, use BSUweather-FLosAngeles.gif
  • You must not repackage, strip, modify or in any way, change the way the weather image looks when displaying it on your website.
  • The use of this free service is subject to the disclaimer clause below.
  • Please do not remove the link to our site which brings this service to you at no cost!
Registration is no longer required. Enjoy!

Blue Skies Unlimited Pty Ltd does not guarantee the frequency of update to the Weather for Free service nor do we warrant the accuracy of any published data in relation to this service. This service has been provided at no cost and is to be used "as is". The design of the Weather for Free service may be changed at anytime. We reserve the right to advertise the Blue Skies Unlimited Weather Views paid weather service or any other services in place of or alongside the current Weather for Free service from time to time without notice.

Weather Products
If you require unbranded, live, comprehensive, easy to use or fully customisable weather information for Australia and around the world, please see our Weather Products page or go directly to Blue Skies Unlimited Weather Views for our live weather delivery system.

Fully customisable Weather Station example.

More information on your very own Weather Station More information on your very own Weather Station

More information on your very own Weather Station >.

Multilingual Weather

Our Weather to Go weather product is also available in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and German.

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