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We have undertaken a wide range of multimedia and web projects over the years. Below are some projects recently launched or under development.


BSU Weather Views

BSU Weather Views
Self-service live weather delivery system
This system allows web site owners and developers to view available weather products, select the products required and have them delivered regularly and automatically to their servers. These can then be easily displayed on their website with very little technical knowledge.

This site was featured at the site as "Site of the Week" between 10 Feb 2002 and 16 Feb 2002. Archived under Site of the Day, Media & Entertainment (All Project Types).


Current Projects

Product Page
XLeds produces leading edge, high brightness LED lamps and fittings for commercial, entertainment, retail and residentual applications. This page links to the product information for each of the products.

McColloch's Encyclopedia Sales
The Aus Art Editions website is the home of McCulloch's Encyclopedia of Australian Art. McCulloch’s Encyclopedia of Australian Art has been Australia’s leading art reference work for almost 40 years. This site redesign aligns the web site with the new Encylopedia design. This new edition is the first in 12 years. The site allows users to order the new Encylopedia online.

Asterisk IT
Asterisks IT provides services based around the Asterisk PABX. Asterisk IT offers Asterisk/VoIP Consulting, VoIP network design services, Asterisk Installation, Support and Maintenance and customization of Asterisk. This marketing website is a gateway to products and services offered by the company. The site uses the EnterWeb content management system.

Mingei Australia
Mingei is the arts of Japan's anonymous crafts people. Mingei Australia sells a range of Japanese indigo textiles. This site allows users to browse this beautiful textile range and introduces the making methods. The people at Mingei Australia have also pioneered a Japanese language learning scheme for young children...

Antique and Art Australia
Antiques and Art Australia was upgraded to a fresh clean look with pages dynamically kept up to date with latest information and products. Functionality has been updated to allow pages to load quickly.

Victoria Police
Help Desk Logging System
The Help Desk logging system allows requests made to the telecommunications help desk to be logged. Requests can be traced through to resolution with response times.

Carters Antiques, Arts & Collectables
CARTER'S are Australasia's leading publishers of price guides on antiques, art and collectables. Blue Skies has developed the Carter's website to allow users to browse and order from their collection of price guides and other books. Back end administration system facilities allow Carter's to easily administer products on the web.

Victoria Police
The Asset Management System for Victoria Police allows telecommunications equipment to be tracked and reported as it is commissioned across a wide range of locations. The system allows for reporting on a wide range of criteria, generating graphs to show a visual representation of assets within the system.

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
Student Learning DVD
The Student Learning DVD has been produced to facilitate teacher access to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and the initiatives designed to support improved student learning. Blue Skies provided DVD authoring for this publication. It incorporates a number of electronic publications with an integrated navigation. The DVD is cross platform and can be used as read only or installed onto stand-alone Mac or PC computers or local servers.

Australian Antique Dealers Association
AADA Website
The AADA is the leading industry body representing Antique and Fine Art dealers in Australia. Building on previous work in their area, Blue Skies Unlimited is developing an easy to use website with database driven membership facilities.

Victoria Police
Fault Reporting System
The Fault Reporting System for Victoria Police allows Police Stations around Victoria to report telephony faults at their site. The secure system will be able to log the entire fault reporting process, monitor contractor response and completion times, issue relevant administrative reports and more.

aus art editions
The aus art website is the home of McCulloch's Encyclopedia of Australian Art whose new edition will be available online. The site is a sales outlet for the Encyclopedia along with other books they publish. The site contains information about other projects.

The University of Melbourne Orthodontic Alumni
Members Website
The University of Melbourne Orthodontic Alumni website is a members only web system. Members are able to interact through the alumni forum, review and publish cases and communicate with all registered alumni members. A backend administration system looks after the membership and other global site features such as news publications.

RSPCA Victoria
Public Web Site
The RSPCA (Vic) is an independent, non-government, community based charity providing services for the prevention of cruelty to animals. This informative site presents information in an organised and easy to find manner. The use of breadcrumbs lets users know exactly where they are placed in reference to the site. This site will be managed completed inhouse by RSPCA staff.

Corporate Website
Hotbeam designs, manufactures and distributes a range of innovative and energy efficient LED-based lighting products. The website is to be used as a marketing medium and exposure point for the business.

ACIL Australia
Corporate Website
Developed for RTG, the ACIL Australia web site presents information in an attractive, fast to download and navigation-intuitive manner. ACIL implements projects enhancing the living conditions of communities in developing countries and strengthens their local agencies. ACIL has an international reputation as a specialist in the management of international development projects.

Online Assessment System
The Online Assessment Workshop is an Internet Application that allows assessors to login and create test papers to be downloaded, printed and used in the classroom. See past projects for a summary. This involved a systems and interface redesign of the existing subscriber-pay system.

Students Education Portal
VCEnet is a comprehensive online resource for VCE students. Content is provided by top VCE performers (current university students) eager to make a difference to the lives of VCE students by passing on their knowledge and experiences to these students. Content includes model answers, articles, tips and forums. VCEnet is the only web site dedicated to the VCE that is both a free and comprehensive resource. Blue Skies Unlimited is supporting VCEnet with the development of an extensive database driven content management system allowing the site to be maintained efficiently.

Online Product Ordering Website
Sunspun is a retailer of accessories for the leisure time persuits of knitting, patchwork and needle point. The website will be used to promote the business and provide enthusiasts with relevant information and available products. This is a phase one development.

Land Victoria
Land Victoria Report Ordering Web Wizard
Land Victoria contracted Blue Skies Unlimited to produce a generic land and property report ordering wizard that is easy to use, intuitive for use by all levels of the community, fast to download and is capable of being implemented across the whole of the internet site.

Victorian Managed Insurance Authority
Public Healthcare Program website
The Public Healthcare Program unit is a new business unit of the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority. VMIA clients from the public health sector include hospitals, community health centres, ambulance services, rural doctors and cemetery trusts.

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